This is the firs demo that I made of all more noticeable things I have done since I make 3D animations. Some of the things in the demo were made while I worked for Studio Sokerov together with Ivan Tepavicharov under the supervision and collaboration of Simeon Sokerov.

Of course I like all of the things in the demo, but despite that there are some that I like better. For example the advertisement of Staropramen and more specifically the scene of the “Bridge of Lovers” in Sofiq. The surroundings of the bridge had to be made anew because there were too many cars and billboards on our pictures that had to be removed in order to clear the scene. But we couldn’t remove them so everything was made 3D and it turned out very well

Another favorite project of mine is the Pepsi animation. Working on it was very hard and intense. It was done only for 3 weeks. We had to work every day, from early in the morning to late in the evening, and in the end we worked even in the night. But the final result was definitely worth the efforts. If we had worked with this tempo on an animated movie, we would have finished it in 3 months. But this is another story. I’ll tell more about the Pepsi animation when I show it separately

DOWNLOAD - 20.42mb