I call her Arwen's daughter. Yes, like the Arwen from the movie. And she have a super powers! She can shoot with a golden bow (ok fine, wooden with gold elements) with unlimited supplies of arrows (as every normal Elf of course) and she can dance! Mhm! If you can say, spinning around with hands moving, a dance, so she dances :)

She was made for the game called Elven Magic. The hardest thing in her was the hair, definitely! Especially the animations of the hair! And this was a task that I was not ready for, but I jumped. A long hair like in Rapunzel movie is not a easy thing to do. So for this project I invented something that I colled "Simulation loop". Basically is cloth simulation that can be in loop. Unfortunately this was in the end of the project and if I knew it earlier the hair will look much more better than now. But I knew it now :)

Mihail Popov

Slavina Stoykova

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