It was a last year summer(2014) when I heard for a nation animation contest about Vitosha Nature Park. The goal was to create a one minute animation movie about the park.

I like contests. They give you the rare chance to work entirely with your imagination and everything depends on you. You can show to the world what you can and want to do. It's like a personal work with deadline and prizes, if you made something good of course.

So I just wanted to do something and I had a few ideas when I saw the contest. Then I decided to twist one of those ideas and make it fit to the contest criteria. The main idea was to do something really beautiful. I found out that in the park live a lot of birds and more important a falcon. And from that moment, the movie was "The park from the eyes of the falcon" And that means... big environments... mountains... wonderful. I understood that I can't create a realistic falcon, no time for this. And even I had the time I cant rendered in animation. So I decided to create more cartoon look of the falcon but more realistic environment. Easily I made more than two minute movie, but the contest was for one minute max, so I had to cut several scenes. But anyway.

In the end this short won the second place in 80 anniversary of Vitosha Nature Park nation contest. I hope you will like the short and tell me you think.

Mihail Popov

Vitosha Nature Park