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I love when the work starts like one thing but in the end become something much more.. Well, the Knocker clip is exactly like that.

Now is like a short part of game cinematic but in the beginning was… “We have a 3d model and we want it to be rigged”. Yes, the guys from Big Moustache Games ask me to made the rigging of the model of the Knocker, but when I saw it and also the concepts for the poses I was… “Wow! Ok… I want to do so much more with this.” So I created a short clip, with bad render quality (with a lot.. a lot of noise) with test animation of the creature and… they liked it.

Of course they wanted to change the environment, because I was put the Knocker on something like volcanic rocks, and… you now, volcanic rocks is not really great with forest, and the name of the game is Grimm Forest… so I was totally agree with them. They sended me a concept with the environment, and… I was…. “Wow… ok.. I want to do so much more with this” …I think you can guess what was happened next. That clip happened. I hope soon there will be more.

Technically the clip was not easy and I wanted to maked it even more not easy. Custom shaped trees are moving, every leaf also. Combination of light rain and falling leaves that slides on the wet muddy-rocky ground. All those things in slow motion shots in 2k resolution… are not easy, but not easy means it is good.

Also i had to do a lot of things on the creature to. The model was great and fully ready for the in game use, but for rendered animation it had to contain more polygons to the right places to support properly the displacement maps, which I didn’t have.


Created By
Mihail Popov

In-game Creature Modeling By
Miroslav Disanski

Creature and Enviroument Concept By

Filip Tsonkin

Additional Sounds By
Alexander Dragomirov

Produced By
Big Moustache Games



ArtStation Page
Grimm Forest Game
Big Moustache Games

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